Three Out of the Box Ways to Become the Cool Parents

Just because you are a parent doesn’t mean you have to give up your cool factor. You can still hold on to your youth through sharing your knowledge of cool things with your kids. In turn, you kids will know that they have the coolest parents around and will know that being themselves is the best way to become awesome in their own right. Here are three great ways to be the coolest parents around.

1. Retro Gaming

When you were your kids’ age, Nintendo or Sega had the most popular gaming systems. Now those older systems are making a comeback as the next generation is learning to love retro gaming through their parents. Find an old school system either online or through one of the many stores that are dedicated to the older systems. Not only are these games fun for you, but they will be something that your kids think are pretty awesome too.

2. Make Your Minivan Awesome


For many families, switching to a minivan is a necessity, but this doesn’t mean that you have to give up the cool factor. With the Chrysler Town & Country from www.ocauto.comyou will have loads of features to make your car an awesome ride. With optional features like leather seating and a Blu-ray entertainment system for the kids, you will have one sweet ride. Not only can you seat up to seven, but with fold flat rear seating, you can also take your kids and their gear around. Check out the Town & Country today at

3. Encourage Creativity


Sure soccer is fun, but it may not be your kid’s thing. Don’t forget there are a lot of things your kids can do outside school. Think about art, music or dance lessons if your kid is one of the creative types. Maybe you can even pick up an instrument or another creative hobby yourself so that you and your kids can be creative at home too.

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