Some of the Most Scenic Drives in California

California is famed for many things; it really is a beautiful part of the World. It has miles and miles of coastline, fabulous state parks with Giant Redwoods, mountains, deserts and everything else you could care to see on a leisurely drive.


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17 mile drive – this is definitely one of the most beautiful drives in the State. 17 mile drive and actually forms part of Highway 1 – nevertheless it is so fabulous that it deserves to be top of the list. The drive starts at Monterey and finishes at Carmel and is a terrific way to see the entire area around Monterey. You do have to pay a toll to enjoy this ride but its well worth the small amount of cash to enjoy such a beautiful trip.


Yosemite – is another fabulous place to drive in California, there’s little wonder that it’s the most visited park in the entire State. The route is 64 miles of sub alpine meadows fill with beautiful wild flowers, glacial lakes, lush forests of Evergreens and those towering giant Sequoias (you’ll see those on the Avenue of Giants). Even if you don’t have the time to spend visiting the park you can still enjoy the drive, its well worth it.
State Route 29 – is a less well known scenic drive through California which contours through the Napa Valley along to Calistoga. The drive meanders through sleepy Northern California taking in St Helena and a couple of great state parks which provide the perfect opportunity to stop off and cool off for a swim. If you fancy parking up and taking a tour of the wine country there’s a fabulous Napa Valley Dinner trip to enjoy. You’ll also see Old Faithful which is located in Calistoga – one of the biggest tourist attractions in California.
Highway One – stretches for hundreds of miles across the Golden State right from the Northern Coast and Mendocino County to Southern California and San Jan Capistrano, Orange County. The best view of the Pacific Ocean is enjoyed while driving south as this is the coastal side of the highway. You’ll also pass the breathtaking Monterey Peninsula on your way where the famous Monterey Aquarium can be found as well as the splendid boardwalk and Monterey waterfront. However far or short your journey make sure that you take in at least some of this fabulous scenic route.

California Highway One, Mendocino County, California

California Highway One, Mendocino County, California

A little to the south of Monterey are the incredible shores of the Big Sur stretching from Carmel all the way to San Simeon. Poetic types have likened this fog shrouded part of Central Coast with those found across the pond on the coast of beautiful Ireland. You will marvel at the rocky cliffs and enormous boulders which emerge from the depths of the water.
California was made for road trips and, to a large extent road trips were invented for California. The only things you need are a good, comfortable car (they’ve got plenty at if you need something new), a map, a picnic, good friends and a sense of adventure.
Whether you are the sort of person who likes to meticulously plan and follow a route or just go wherever the road takes you, it is sure to take you somewhere amazing when you head off for a road trip in any part of California, particularly around the Orange County area. Enjoy the journey and don’t forget your camera.

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