City Slickers’ Dream Cars: The Best Cars for the City Dweller

In an ideal world, you can get away with living in the city and not have to have a car at all. That’s the dream for you New Yorkers. But, the truth is, many people find it impossible to live in the city and give up the car life altogether. That’s okay, there are plenty of options for cars for you city slickers who just can’t give up all four of your wheels. There are a number of factors that you must take into consideration when trying to figure out the best car for you and your needs in your big city life. Let’s look at the things you need to consider when you are looking for a car.



If you live out in the country and you farm and tow and plow, then you need a 4×4 truck and that’s pretty much all. But if you’re in the city you need something that get you around town and also out in the country. Something like a Subaru Outback or a Nissan Xterra. Your car needs to get you through traffic comfortably and safely and also be road ready for when you take the long road trip to your in-laws. Check out and look for the kind of cars that will be both easy to get around in and also ready for the long hauls you no doubt will want to go on.



A smaller car will be less manly and will be more easily mocked by your country-living friends, but it will be the envy of the others when you’re trying to squeeze into that one spot left in the Trader Joe’s parking lot. If you look at you’ll see there are plenty of big cars but the smaller ones are harder to come by. That’s because the smaller cars are way more desirable. You will see them out and about because frankly it doesn’t matter what you drive you need it to be gas efficient and able to narrowly fit through all the hoops and stuff from a big city terrain. You can impress at the family reunion, or impress at the pump and at the parking lot, you make the call.

Buy Used



Also, who cares if there’s a scratch on your car? You will if you drive a brand new Mercedes. Instead, get a used car that has a few scratches already, that way you can be a lot less anal, and thereby be a lot more fun to be around, if you get something that you don’t have to baby. Sure it may be a bit of a bummer to drive something a little banged up, but more of a bummer is spending all that extra money on a nice fancy new car that you know is going to face its fair share of dings and bumps because you chose to live in the city. Just take a chill pill, ease up, and get something that you don’t have to worry about.

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